How do you generate a quote?
We prepare a quote similar to the way traditional repair shops do except we charge only about $70-$80/hour labor price and add up the parts price to give you a final price.
What happens after I request for a quote?
Once you request a quote, we will email the quote to you which after accepting you will be able to book an appointment on our website with one of our expert mechanics. You'll get a confirmation email once the mechanic confirms the job at your preferred time and location. You don't have to do anything after this point, the mechanic will be on his way to you.
Do you also sell parts?
We do sell OEM or refurbished parts at almost the same price as a retail shop would (Autozone or O'Reilly) which comes with its own warranty.
How can I trust the mechanics?
Our mechanics are vetted thoroughly. We do a background check, make sure they are certified and have strong professional experience to handle complex repair jobs. With previous experience working at repair shops and all the required tools necessary for the job, we are extremely confident of fixing your car for you the best way possible.
How much more affordable will the service be than a traditional dealership?
Since we do not carry any overhead costs of rent, tools expenses, utility, etc, we pass on the savings to you without compromising quality. You end up saving around 20-30% with any job that we do for you. It’s a win-win for everyone!
How soon can I have the mechanic come to me?
You will be able to look at the mechanic's calendar when you book an appointment, if you need the service sooner than the earliest time available - drop us an email and we'll try and find someone else for you.
How can I pay for the service?
You can pay online via email or swipe your card on the mechanic's phone which uses a Square payment system device. You'll only be paying the amount you were quoted for and only after you are satisfied with the service completed.
What is the cancellation policy?
We use a fair assessment system to charge the customer. If the job requested is cancelled within 24 hours, we charge $25. If the mechanic comes to site for diagnosis or any other repair and if he cannot perform the job for reasons including but not limited to - the car is not in a condition to be worked on, the location is not safe or is permitted for car repair or inaccurate job information given to us. In all these cases, we would have to charge $25 to accommodate the mechanic's expense.