About Us

Who are we?

RepairNet billed as ‘Uber for Auto Repair,’ was founded with the goal to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent. Total trust comes from total transparency. Our platform connects supply and demand in the car body repair sector in a completely new and innovative way.

Who are we for?

Our innovative solutions offer clear benefits for the entire market. Whether you need us as a car owner, a mechanicor businesspartner, we put user-friendliness, quality,and transparency first and foremost for all our users. We offer services at the convenience of your home or office, 7 days a week, and provide fair and transparent estimates upfront.

All the pricing is calculated by our Fair Price Calculator which is based on industry-standard labor times to perform services. This ensures that car owners are paying a fair price without the need to negotiate or shop around.

Car owners

Finding the right damage repairer is often a tedious and time-consuming task for car owners. Prices can be unclear; guarantee is not always included and often there are annoying surprises afterward.

Our platform displays damage repairer verified credentials, all the jobs they have done, and actual transaction-based reviews so that car owners know they are hiring someone trusted and competent.


Affiliated mechanics can respond quickly and easily via RepairNet to requests from car owners in their neighborhood. Through RepairNet they can increase sales, increase online findability, collect reviews,and optimize workplace occupancy. RepairNet only works with accredited mechanics who meet our high-quality requirements.

Business partners

RepairNet has unique and innovative solutions for, among others, insurers, leasing companies, rental companies, vehicle fleets, and other organizations that have to deal with car damage every day. Our service is aimed at reducing the total claims burden, shortening turnaround time, increasing customer satisfaction, and being able to work a lot more efficiently.