Are you an Auto Mechanic?

Earn $50/hr by doing Light Mobile Auto Repair at your own schedule with bonuses


Total Flexibility

Work when you want, even if you have your full-time job. Only do jobs that you like. You're in control.


Highest Rate in State

$45-$50/hr with other incentives


Be Your Own Boss

No boss, no supervision

How It Works


Customer books an appointment with you online


You accept and perform the job


Get paid


What about Parts and Pricing?

We pride ourselves on paying our mechanics the HIGHEST in the state.

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We pay $50/hour to our mechanics based on industry standard labor times for all kinds of repair jobs.


A customer needs brake pads and rotors on a 2014 Chevy Malibu and the industry standard labor time is 3 hours, you'll get paid $150 for that job regardless of how long it takes you.


Easy access to parts without you paying for them

Job Flexibility

We hire you as independent contractors which means you can decide when you want to work,where you want to work. You're in control. It can be anywhere between 10-40 hours a week and you set your own calendar.


Benefits of staying long-term with the company


Maximize Your Earnings

Earn upto $1000/week with 20 hours of work


Possibly a Leadership Position

Become a leader and train younger mechanics for compensation


Become Part of a Growing Startup

Grow with us and become part of our internal team

Earnings guarantee

You are guaranteed to earn $4000 for the first 50 jobs. If you don't, we pay the difference.

Gas Compensation

Get compensated $5/job on average for gas on top of your hourly pay.

Here's what our existing mechanics say

This has changed my life, my marriage, my everything. I have 30 years of experience and never have I been treated this fairly. I'm getting paid more than twice what I get paid at my dealership. I'd never go back to working full-time at a shop again. I'm happy I came across this.

David - 30+ yrs experienced mechanic

I have a full-time job and I work with RepairNet after work on weekdays and on the weekends. Working with RepairNet gives me total flexibility; I can decide when I want to work and there are jobs available for me all the time. Consistency of jobs combined with the flexibility makes this a great gig

Mike - 21+ yrs experienced mechanic